mCig, Inc. Enters Rapidly Growing CBD Pet Products Industry

mCig, Inc. Enters Rapidly Growing CBD Pet Products Industry

Jacksonville, FL, Jan. 29, 2018 /GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ — mCig, Inc. (, an innovative biotech company, which focuses on cannabis-industrial hemp, cannabinoid research, and development, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, today has announced plans to launch an innovatively advanced hemp CBD-based formula for pets. Doctor of Bioengineering and Cardiology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Arkady Uryash, will be leading this new initiative in the rapidly expanding sixty-billion-dollar CBD pet industry market.

“CBD-based pet products are seeing heightened demand across the globe. Trial studies have shown that CBD oils can help reduce anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain while boosting the pet’s immune system,” Says Arkady Uryash, MD, Ph.D. at Biomedical Research Institute, Mt Sinai Medical Center. “Results have demonstrated rapid positive results in improving condition of pets suffering from these ailments, which is one of the many reasons pet owners are eager to obtain CBD wellness products supported by science and from reputable and trustworthy companies.”

The decision to expand into the pet products industry was based on extensive research conducted on customer and supplier inquiries. Comparison of research on how cannabinoids (including CBD) affects the human and animal body has shown that their effects share close similarities in interaction with endocannabinoid system (ECS). Dogs and Cats were specifically found to share up to 70% biological homology with humans. Highly promising scientific conclusions indicate that CBD interacts in a similar way in canines and felines as it does in humans. Specifically, cannabinoid binding to ECS receptors within the dog and cat body can provide a longer lasting therapeutic effect without a risk of toxicity.

The findings also revealed that major competing CBD pet market producers of edible liquid and chewable products pressed to increase the CBD concentration due to degradation and low final levels in pets. High doses can be overwhelming for small pets, therefore, these edibles cannot be used on cats or small dogs. Subsequently, most competitor’s pet products do not get verified in regards to safe levels of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, or THC.

mCig’s full spectrum of hemp CBD skin products will contain optimal concentrations of CBD combined with natural synthetically conjugated components that significantly enhance transdermal absorption and delivery. This transdermal CBD delivery system allows optimal administration of effective doses making the gentle formula acceptable for cats and small breeds of dogs. mCig’s innovative CBD transdermal technology will support healthy skin, coat, hips, and joints. Enhanced CBD bioavailability and circumventing liver biochemical degradation will promote improved vascular and muscle function while maintaining neurological balance.

mCig will produce their products with overall pet safety in mind. Their rigorously tested components will be verifiably safe to use in pets of all sizes.

“This innovative, optimal and gentle formula from Dr. Uryash combined with a highly-skilled new sales team on top of the rate of growth in demand makes us highly confident in our approach,” says mCig CEO Paul Rosenberg. “We experimented with the sale of other CBD based products from third-party companies before. Now that we have this unmatched formula, it’s time to share it with the world.”

mCig’s plans on expanding the list of advanced natural and synthetic CBD pet skin products and their enhanced delivery methods in order to keep up with the condition and species-specific market demand. The hemp-CBD- based products and delivery accessories will be available nationwide and will directly compete with veterinarian and other CBD products of the same caliber. MCIG looks to surpass competitors and win over more customers with much more effective, gentle, and scientifically advanced products while offering them at a very affordable price for consumers.

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