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SinglePoint Recaps Recently Achieved Milestones in Cannabis, Blockchain and Corporate Audit

SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB:SING) recaps recently achieved milestones in preparation for the launch of multiple projects. SinglePoint has been full steam ahead in a combination of Cannabis and Blockchain industries. Additionally, the company is expecting to release audited financials soon, which will complete the two-year audit and the company will immediately file a form-10. SinglePoint recently […]

Blockchain Is on the Cusp of Changing Entire Industries

A global wake up call is gaining steam for industry to address the rising public concerns over data privacy and transparency. While we may be in the throes of the technology’s hype cycle, I believe blockchain has the potential to answer that call — and transform every aspect of society. Blockchain’s potential is clearly much bigger […]

Blockchain Starting To Feel Its Way into the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Blockchain is a technology that everybody seems to think will revolutionize the global economy. If nothing else, the cryptocurrency boom has produced a flood of VC money that’s trying to cash in on every potential application for this distributed hyperledger technology. It’s no surprise that the artificial intelligence (AI) community is also trying to board […]

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Gaming Industry

Blockchain Technology and Online Gaming: An Emerging Goldmine The world is unraveling new use cases for blockchain technology each day. Although most people think of Bitcoin and finance when they hear the word ‘blockchain’, the technology extends its reach far beyond those two things. You may already know that agriculture businesses, energy companies, and the […]

Standing with Giants,​ SinglePoint Goes Headlong Into Blockchain

Tech company SinglePoint, Inc. (SING) has recently turned to podcasts to provide additional transparency and keep its nearly 30,000 investors informed about corporate developments. In the latest podcast on March 28, SinglePoint Founder and CEO Greg Lambrecht astutely expounded on the level playing field of blockchain today and all the opportunities owing to the powerful technology still being in […]

West Virginia Becomes First state to Implement Blockchain Mobile Voting Solution

West Virginia is testing a secure military mobile voting solution for military service members who can’t vote in person.  It will become the first such state to test mobile voting by blockchain in a federal election . Secretary of State Mac Warner has declared the launch of a secure military mobile voting solution for the […]

Hollywood’s first blockchain movie: an end to piracy?

A few years behind Wall Street, Hollywood is turning to the technology behind cryptocurrency bitcoin to distribute movies in a development hailed as the beginning of the end for piracy. Leading the charge is “No Postage Necessary,” a romantic indie comedy about a luckless hacker that is being distributed via peer-to-peer video network app Vevue, […]

This Is How Blockchain Is Changing Healthcare

Chrissa McFarlane, founder and CEO of Patientory, has connected healthcare and blockchain in a way that will save everyone a lot of time.  Patientory stores health records for patients and providers which eliminates the need for filling out paperwork every time you visit a doctor’s office. McFarlane raised $7.2 million over three days in a […]

Quantum Teams Up With Oracle to Deliver HIPAA-Compliant Medical Blockchain Solution

Quantum Medical Transport announced on Monday its acceptance of an invitation from Oracle Corp to participate in the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform Beta program with the goal of developing HIPAA-compliant (a US industry standard) ‘QuantH’ medical blockchain technology. Alongside Oracle’s suite of cloud technology, Quantum’s QuantH blockchain system seeks to enable rapid onboarding of new patients with […]

An Investor’s Primer: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Driverless Cars

Keeping up with technology trends can be overwhelming. There’s always something new to learn about, and just when you think you’re starting to grasp a new investment idea, another one pops up. You can hardly go online or switch on the news without hearing something about blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), or driverless cars. But […]