American CryoStem Announces Launch of ATGRAFT™ in China

American CryoStem Announces Launch of ATGRAFT™ in China

EATONTOWN,NJ April 12, 2018 American CryoStem Corporation (OTC: CRYO), a leading strategic application developer, marketer, global licensor of patented adipose tissue-based cellular technologies, for the Regenerative and Personalized Medicine industries, today announced  the national launch of CRYO’s ATGRAFTTM tissue collection, processing and storage technology by Baoxin Asia Pacific Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. (“Baoxin”) in China. John Arnone, CEO and Anthony Dudzinski, COO, of CRYO traveled throughout south east China with the management and marketing team of Baoxin to present the ATGRAFTTM platform to leading plastic and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Shenzhen, Nanning, Guangzhou, Guangxi and Changsha. Additionally, Mr. Arnone and Mr. Dudzinski, attended the signing of investment documents between Baoxin and Chinese government and Banking officials in Shenzhen, China as well as the official launch presentation and evening gala hosted by Baoxin in Shenzhen. Baoxin is being financed by a combination of China’s CITIC Group and the China Development Bank.

American CryoStem Corporation is one of the largest commercial personal tissue banks globally, focused exclusively on the processing and storage of adipose tissue and the regenerative cells the tissue contains.  The China launch activities are in support of the Company’s previously announced licensing and supply agreement with Baoxin, under which Baoxin will pay the Company a minimum annual guarantee against a fixed fee per process and purchase certain necessary consumables from CRYO required for the collection, processing and storage of the collected adipose tissue. Under the terms of the Agreements signed in Fiscal 2017, CRYO invested in and currently holds five percent (5%) of Baoxin shares.  Additionally, Mr. Arnone and Mr. Dudzinski were elected to serve as Directors of Baoxin during their visit to Shenzhen, China.

The Company’s management presented an overview of the ATGRAFTTM products and technologies to MOII Plastic Surgery Hospital and Fuhua Plastic & Aesthetic Hospital in Schenzhen, GuangMei Plastic Surgery Hospital and UBeauty Hospital in Guangzhou, AIST Plastic Surgery Hospital and, HauMei Plastic Surgery Hospital in Guangxi and the Nanning Beautiful Focus Cosmetology Hospital in Nanning, and the Yamei Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Hospital In Changsha. Additionally, the Company participated in a press conference following Baoxin’s financing signing ceremony at the government building in Shenzhen and presented at the Baoxin dinner launch event featuring major health and cosmetic surgery industry organizations in China.

“We were very impressed with the Baoxin, ATGRAFTTM marketing program and work ethic and would like to congratulate Baoxin’s management and marketing staff for a very impressive and effective launch tour,” commented John Arnone, CEO, “the professionalism and interest generated  in the ATGRAFT product prior to our arrival contributed greatly to the successful presentation at each hospital. We were also impressed by the organization and scale of the facilities we visited, each facility provides a wide range of cosmetic, aesthetic, and plastic surgical services in a single facility of ten to thirty thousand square meters, these are large facilities located in very large cities with heavy patient flow.”

Anthony Dudzinski, COO commented “The Chinese aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital facilities In China are organized differently than the way these services are delivered in the US. Each hospital facility provides every cosmetic option for a patient from surgical augmentations to cosmetic dentistry. We believe that this organization style is perfectly designed to rapidly expand Baoxin’s success with the ATGRAFT TM   products and allow the Chinese to prepare for the future of regenerative and cellular therapies.  Further, management believes that China may become one of the largest markets in the world for tissue transfer and regenerative medicine.”

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