Coinseed Announces its Pre-Sale ICO

CoinSeed Wants to Make It Easy For Everyone to Start Investing in Cryptocurrencies
The cryptocurrency market is booming right now, especially with the latest growth we have seen in Bitcoin. But… Most people still find investing too complex and are afraid to take the first step in their cryptocurrency investing journey.

Coinseed wants to make it easier for everyone to start investing in cryptocurrencies. You can simply collect your spare change to invest or you can be more active by controlling your portfolio day to day. The Coinseed platform ranks the users’ portfolios by their returns and any user can replicate another user’s portfolio with a click of a button.

Coinseed ICO
To undertake this ambitious goal, Coinseed is calling for cryptocurrency community by announcing its Initial Token Offering of CSD tokens.

When a Coinseed user converts their current portfolio to another portfolio there is 1% fee on the total asset that is being converted. Every month Coinseed will distribute the 50% of this revenue to the CSD token holders.

Coinseed will issue 5,000,000 CSD tokens to the participants through the token sale (1,500,000 CSD tokens for the pre-sale) which is 50% of the total supply of 10,000,000 CSD tokens. Join the pre-sale to receive up to 35% bonus on your CSD token purchase.

Pre-sale Start: December 20, 2017
Pre-sale End: January 10, 2018