Crowdsale for Swiss Real Estate Token “Tectum” Announced, to Open Up the Swiss Real Estate Market for Small Investors

(Widnau, Switzerland, January 6, 2018) – Cryptectum, the blockchain real estate company, has announced the schedule for the ICO of its real estate token, Tectum. The total number of tokens generated is 1.5 million, of which 85 percent will be available via crowdfunding at $1 per Tectum.

Cryptectum is the blockchain application for the highly lucrative real estate market in Switzerland. Rental and purchase of real estate in Switzerland offers a rich investment ecosystem with up to 8 percent returns per annum for long durations and without interruptions. The rental market in particular is rich in opportunities, as only 39 percent of houses are occupied by owners. However, the minimum investment amounts required are very high, and the new Tectum token aims to open up the market for even small investors with the help of blockchain.

Cryptectum will collect funds via the ICO, and the proceeds will be used to acquire properties and rent them out. The rental income will be distributed via Tectum to investors through a cost effective model. The property itself will be maintained by Cryptectum, and make investment worry- free for token buyers. Investors will also have a say in what properties are bought, and the capital reserves of Cryptectum, and for this purpose, the smart contract for Tectum incorporates proposals that will allow investors to vote on acquisitions and liquidity matters.

“We are excited to offer a safe business on the blockchain. With Cryptectum, investors will get the opportunity to benefit from the Swiss real estate market for as little as $ 1 investment. Investing in Cryptectum is a solid investment with a relatively high return and low risk,” said Jakob Hürlemann CEO & Founder of Cryptectum

Cryptectum will be established as a stock corporation under the Swiss law. Shares will be administered using blockchain, which will also enable sale of shares. Tectum is based on Ethereum blockchain, allowing the use of features such as wallets without the need to download the complete blockchain via Metamask or MyEtherWallet, and trading with other altcoins.