E-Commerce Gamechanger ViMarket Announces the Start of its ViTokens Pre-Sale, Commencing ,November 17

Bitcoin Press Release: To kick-start the acquisition of virtual assets and develop their 3D marketplace, ViMarket has announced the pre-sale of its’ ethereum based “ViTokens” from November 17, 2017. Following this, the company will commence their Initial Coin Offering from 1st December.

November 14th, 2017, Washington D.C – Virtual assets and 3D marketplaceViMarket is pleased to announce that the pre-sale of the company’s digital currency ViToken, an ethereum based cryptocurrency, is to get underway on November 17.  The crowdsale of ViTokens will allow access to the utility tokens at a significant discount compared to the expected retail price.

ViMarket’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been scheduled to start from December 1st, after the completion of the presale campaign.

A 3D marketplace that allows users to create and share virtual reality (VR) experiences, ViMarket promises to bring about a much-needed breakthrough in the global e-commerce ecosystem. The VR technology utilized by ViMarket is utilized in online games to offer unprecedented confidence and value to consumers whilst making a purchase from any of their internet connected devices.

With its’ proprietary editor, ViMarket allows users to create interactive, photorealistic VR simulations regardless of their professional experience or training. At present, the primary areas of focus for ViMarket are the real-estate and interior decoration sectors. However, very soon, it is expected to include fashion, automotive and ultimately all e-commerce verticals.

ViMarket encourages users to become “visionaries” by purchasing the virtual version of their contemplated purchase using ViTokens, and simulate the ownership before deciding to purchase the Real-Life (RL) product. This is achieved through simple, easy to use tools that allow customers or “visionaries” to recreate environments within which the product would be utilized, then comparing the product against other choices, thereby reducing “shopping cart abandonment’, estimated to cost online retailers up to $6.2 Trillion annually.

The most significant value proposition offered by ViMarket comes in the form of its proprietary “ViToken” virtual currency that allows users to purchase the virtual version (“virsion”) of the things they are interested in. This virtual “try before you buy’ feature represents real economic value because owning the version of an item entitles the owner to a specific discount on the purchase of the RL product from the “Merchant Sponsor” selling the item on the platform.

“ViTokens, therefore, are exponentially more valuable than their cost to shoppers who are seriously considering purchasing an item.” says Kant Jain, the chief visionary and the Director of ViMarket.

ViMarket has recently engaged David Drake and his firm LDJ Capital, as the lead board advisor for their upcoming Initial Coin Offering. Mr. Drake is a noted blockchain advocate with over twenty-five years of experience in supporting and developing technology, media, telecommunications, real estate, hospitality, cleantech, energy and social impact projects.

“I’m extremely excited and honored to be involved in such a potentially disruptive solution for e-commerce” said Drake, in an interview filmed at the NASDAQ stock exchange and available on the ViMarket’s ICO site, Vimarket.io.

About ViMarket:

ViMarket is a 3D marketplace that allows users to create and share virtual reality (VR) experiences, using any device connected to the Internet. These creations can be personal or for business and are created using ViMarket’s proprietary editor which allow users to create interactive, photorealistic VR simulations with no professional experience or training. Currently the company is launching focusing on the real-estate and interior design space, but is expanding quickly to include fashion, automotive and ultimately all e-commerce verticals.

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