The sports results based decentralized online lottery platform, EtherSport, has successfully ended its Pre-ICO and is now getting ready for main ICO start. Four general ICO rounds will last from November, 22nd to December, 21th. At the first rounds of the ICO we will offer ESC tokens for a discounted price. The ESC tokens will be used as payment medium and for additional funding of the platform, built on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, which will make it a progress relatively to older outdated systems.

EtherSport is a new and revolutionary platform built for taking a new experience of combined lotteries and sports betting to players from the whole world. The newly developed process will allow players to use their sports knowledge and analytics with lotteries in a fully decentralized and transparent manner. EtherSport is built to maximize fairness of the gaming process and to provide the best profitability possible to all players, the platform, and its partners.

One other major goal of EtherSport is to bring black gambling and bookmaking markets into a legal plain, as by European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), the official gaming industry market size is over $86 billion, as the black market is measured at $430 billion.

The main EtherSport idea is in Lottery 11, that uses precise determination of sports events instead of generating random numbers, for drawing its results. This makes the lottery results auditable by all players and completely impossible to affect or change in any way to rig the lottery. This principle also offers EtherSport players to increase their chances in a lottery by using their analytic abilities and sports knowledge to predict the results with more precision.

Advanced security, easy signup process, complete anonymity, transparency of all money operations, almost instant payouts and absence of hidden payments or commissions are the EtherSport’s advantages accomplished thanks to using of the latest blockchain technologies. These are impossible with usual centralized betting and lottery systems.

EtherSportCoin, or ESC, are Ethereum tokens that are used for financing the project and will be used as a payment medium on the EtherSport platform. Also, ESC token holders will be eligible for receiving their share in 15% of EtherSport’s operational income.

4-stage ICO starts at 8 pm UTC on November, 22nd and will end on December, 21st, or if all tokens will be sold out.
The first stage offering tokens for the lowest price of 0.001 ETH will last only for an hour
The second 24-hour long stage with ESC sold at 0.0013 ETH.
The third stage will last from November, 23rd to November, 30th, and will offer ESC tokens for 0.0017 ETH.
The last stage will last for three weeks afterward and will allow purchasing the tokens for 0.002 ETH.

Taking part in the ICO doesn’t require any registration and will be easy and straightforward. The only required action will be sending your contribution to an Ethereum wallet address provided at page, after which you will receive back your tokens automatically.

You can also obtain the ESC tokens for free by taking part in the generous bounty campaign.