Streamline Cryptocurrency Research With Funnel Desktop And Mobile App

In Q1 2018, Funnel Project will launch a new membership-based service to help address common concerns and hurdles of trading in cryptocurrency. The desktop and mobile app – Funnel – will provide users with a single platform to research, monitor, and trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

New traders are often overwhelmed by the flood of information they encounter when entering the world of cryptocurrency trading. Resolving inconsistencies between information received from friends and various online sources can result in “analysis paralysis.” Investors spend so much time researching and tracking and weighing each option that they come to a virtual standstill. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the FOMO phenomenon – “Fear of Missing Out” that provokes premature buys based on overly hyped sales pitches.

Lack of information is also a leading problem. Even experienced crypto traders can have difficulty researching trade options, finding white papers, and analyzing which ICO’s are worth spending time and financial resources on. Even with all of these questions answered, there is also the classic Catch-22 of not being able to buy altcoins if you don’t already have Bitcoin or other altcoins.

Funnel Project seeks to resolve these problems for new and experienced crypto traders alike with the new Funnel App. The Funnel will be available on the web and in a mobile app for Androids, and will enable users to integrate all of the aspects of crypto trading in one customizable site. Like a bulletin board for your crypto trading activities, various templates and custom widgets will organize all of the user’s cryptocurrency projects, trades, and research materials in one easy to use space. Various themes will be available for free and at premium levels for further customization and the arrangement and filtering of information will allow users to concentrate on one project at a time without the constant distraction of hype from other options.

Behind the scenes, the Funnel app will monitor Twitter and other social media. Using keyword analyses, Funnel will be able to measure the market sentiment for various projects, trades, and ICO’s for various cryptocurrencies. The information will be presented to users in order to streamline the research process. Premium members will also receive trading signals and thorough analyses about their specific projects.

The app will be live in Q1 2018. Funnel tokens will be available for purchase as well as incentives for participating in interactive advertising and other activities on the site.

The FNL token sale will begin on Feb 1.

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