As Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple Plunge, These Cryptocurrencies Are on the Rise

Bitcoin’s tremendous drop in the past 24 hours is having a domino effect—on Ripple, Ethereum, and pretty much every other cryptocurrency that’s traded.

Massive selloffs, for reasons that are not yet clear, are resulting in drops of 15 to 30% for the 100 top digital currencies, as ranked by CoinMarketCap. But even amidst the crash (the first since last December), there are a few cryptocurrencies that are eking out gains today.

As of 9 a.m. ET, two digital currencies were showing notable gains on Tuesday. Neblio, a coin tied to a blockchain developer platform that aims to build decentralized applications and services, was up 12%, while Gas, which ties in with the Neo smart contracts ecosystem, saw gains of 9%.

Both cryptocurrencies were off their highs, though.

Two more, meanwhile, were managing to stay in positive territory, though just barely. Cryptonex was up 4%. And the mysterious Tether was up 1.3%.

On Monday, Bloomberg reported that China—which already banned cryptocurrency exchanges last year—is stepping up actions against other online and app-based services that offer exchange-like functionality.

Monday also saw reports emerge that BlackWallet, a provider of digital wallet services, suffered a clever attack that allowed someone to make off with hundreds of thousands of “lumens”—the virtual coin used by a system called Steller—that had a total value of more than $400,000.

Of course, given the selloff and the overall volatility of the sector, there’s no guarantee that any of these cryptocurrencies will remain in positive territory for any length of time.